Work in Japan

Work in Japan

      GRA is an approved Sending Organization in Japan for the TITP & SSW Program by The Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment. 

       GRA prepares its Candidates to WORK in JAPAN

  • Work in Japan
  • High & Respectable Salary
  • TITP Approved “Sending Organization”
  • The mix of Native Japanese & Bangladeshi Language Teachers
  • Visa Processing Support

Job Preparation Training for Japan:

GRA is focused on training up their candidates to work in Japan under TITP SSW programs. The training includes are as followings:

  • Fundamental Japanese Language Training to the level of JLPT/ NUT N5 & N4
  • Daily Conversation
  • Lessons of Lifestyle
  • Life Manners & Business Manners
  • Japanese Worksite and Orientations
  • Interview Preparation.

      TITP Training Program 

TITP (Technical Intern Training Program) program is run by the Japanese government and facilitates international workers to work for up to 5 years in Japan and learn the Japanese way of working & Culture. Global Recruiting Agency is an approved “Sending Organization” in Bangladesh under the TITP program that can select prospective candidates, and train and process visas for workers to work in Japan.

GRA is an Approved TITP Sending Organization by the “Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment” and OTIT, Japan. GRA offers a comprehensive 360 program to ensure your successful TITP placement in Japan.

        Our program includes:

  • Japanese Language training.
  • Japanese Company Selection & Placement.
  • Japanese Culture Training
  • Visa Processing
  • Air Travel to Japan
  • 1 Month of onsite training in Japan before placement in the Implementing organization.

       Care Giver Jobs in Japan.

       Care Giver Training Overview:  

       Health Care Giver Training course includes:

  • Training to assist patients with the use of medical equipment like:
  • This motion is influenced by several structures: configuration of bone surfaces within the joint, joint capsule, ligaments, tendons, and muscles acting on the joint.
  • Training to assist patients in walking, standing, bathing, and personal care, including dressing, mobility, administering medication, personal hygiene, eating and transporting to doctor’s appointments
  • Training to monitor patient medications and update health charts, Document and report any changes in client’s health status
  • Training to build Effective Communication and Relations with the patient.
  • Training to understand basic healthcare issues and their treatment, basic emergencies at home and how to deal with them, ethical behavior, and time management

       TITP & SSW Jobs in Japan:

  • Caregiver Job in Japan: For Medical Attendants/Paramedics/Nurses

      Monthly Salary of BDT more than Tk. 1 lac with accommodation & other benefits as per Japan Labor Law.

  • For House Keeping, Construction, Mechanical, Agricultural, Shipbuilding, Automobiles, Aviation, Accommodation, Fishery, Food & Others

      Monthly Salary of BDT more than Tk. 1 lac with accommodation & other benefits as per Japan Labor Law.

      The Specified Industrial Fields (14 Fields)

  1.  Nursing care
  2.  Building cleaning
  3.  Material Processing Industry
  4.  Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
  5.  Electric and electronic information-related industry
  6. Construction
  7. Shipbuilding and ship-related industry
  8. Automobile maintenance
  9. Aviation
  10. Lodging
  11. Agriculture
  12. Fisheries
  13. Food and beverages manufacturing industry
  14. Foodservice industry

*Specified Skilled Worker (i) can be accepted in all 14 industries. Specified Skilled Worker (ii) can be accepted only in the two underlined industries (Construction, and Shipbuilding and ship-related industry).

      Useful Link: DJIT, GRA, BSDI, DIPTI, DPI, DIU